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MC Ever Dee's Comic Style At Eezzy Da Lyrical's I Survive - Peace And Love Concert
(Acholi Pro eVO Tv)  View
What Weed can make you do😂. Mc Ever Dee at BAPA HOTEL
(Mc Ever Dee TV 🤣)  View
MC Ever Dee: Obinen Concert
(Lakwed TV)  View
Broke Womanizer 🤣(Leb Acholi Mc Ever Dee)(2)
(Mc Ever Dee Stand up comedy)  View
'Mc Ever Dee' make jokes about
(Mc Ever Dee TV 🤣)  View
Mc Ever Dee Comedian Made Jokes Of Eezzy Judas And Eddy Wizzy😂😂😂
(Spragga Promotions)  View
🤣🤣 MC Ever Dee Comedy 🤣🤣🤣
(Lakwed TV)  View

(Mc Ever Dee TV 🤣)  View
Free Food deh expensive ☺️☺️
(Mc Ever Dee TV 🤣)  View
MC Ever Dee Comedy - Organizing an Award isn't easy!
(Lakwed TV)  View
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